I have made this aggregator to speed up the process while designing UI and in need to populate user avatars with real looking photos.

UIFaces.co aggregates photos from various sources. Most of them via their APIs, some via custom made web scrapers. If you want to suggest a new source, tweet @mightyalex.

Each photo is processed and tagged with age, gender, emotion and hair color using the Microsoft’s Face API, providing easier filtration and sorting.

UIFaces.co doesn’t host or own any of the displayed photos. It only aggregates links that point out to publicly displayed photos on their respective websites.

I manually approve each user submitted photo, but the user that submits must own the rights to its contents, agree to be displayed on UIFaces.co and used in design mockups.

The plugins for Sketch and Adobe XD are extension of the website, using the same aggregated photos and providing one-click generation of avatars.